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                Committed to light-weight development for a greener world

                China Zhongwang is committed to sustainable development to create a greener world and a prosperous society.


                About Us

                Zhongwang Group is the second largest industrial aluminium extrusion product developer and manufacturer in the world and the largest in Asia. The Group has been primarily focusing on three core synergistic businesses namely industrial aluminium extrusion, deep processing, and flat rolling, to share the resources along the upstream and downstream of the industry. 

                • RMB 20.4BILLION


                • 767KILOTONNES

                  Total Sales Volume

                • RMB 1.84BILLION

                  Profit for the Year

                • over 100

                  Aluminium Extrusion Production Lines

                MORE Source: China Zhongwang’s 2019 Annual Results Announcement


                As the world's leading developer and manufacturer of fabricated aluminium products, Zhongwang Group has been focusing on the light-weight development in the transportation, machinery and equipment, and electrical engineering sectors through the provision of quality fabricated aluminium products.

                Rail Transportation
                Ship Building
                Machinery & Equipment